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Rainbow Unicorn Garland, Unicorns, Rainbow, Nursery Decor, Pastel Rainbow Garland, Wall Hanging, Girls Room, Pastel

From Concept to Creation - Our Unicorn Princess rainbow garland with feathers is perfect for a unicorn princess-themed girls’ bedroom. Decorate your girls’ bedrooms with this pastel rainbow tassel garland with feathers. This whimsical boho nursery kids room decor will be the easiest make-over project.

Dreamy Space For The Little Lady In Your Life - Add a touch of whimsy with our Rainbow Unicorn Garland; made to give your daughter’s bedroom a whimsical makeover. Unicorn garland lends a grand and distinctly feminine touch to your lady’s room and turns a cottage room into a palace fit for a princess; will provide the perfect foundation for any kid's imaginary adventures.

Party Fit for a Princess - Our Pastel Rainbow Garland make a beautiful addition to any kids party event. It's perfect for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette or bachelor parties, graduations, weddings, dorm and bedroom decor, a whimsical addition to your mantle, baby high-chair, and so much more!

Travel to The Fairyland, Reading Nook - Want to encourage your daughter to read? Why not have an inviting unicorn-themed space where she can curl up and get lost in her favourite book? Creating a reading nook section in the corner of their bedroom can help you create magical memories with your children.

Help You to Cherish Your Darling - Witness the priceless expression on your child or grandchild’s face when they open their very own unicorn-themed bedroom nor space. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift for any princess, rainbow unicorn garland will win their hearts.

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