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Unicorn Julia came into fruition during the conceptualization of our brand Jenn & Joos. Our brand is a tribute to our 3 angels in heaven. JOOS, as opposed to popular belief, is NOT the name of my business partner. It represents the names of our 3 angels in Heaven: JULIA, JULIANA, and JULIEANNE. 

I have struggled with infertility and after years of treatment and planning, we were finally blessed with our first child in 2008. We were blessed with our son, Jericho. Because, it took years to get pregnant, the news that I was pregnant again after 6 months came as a big surprise. We were so excited when we went to our first ultrasound appointment and saw 2 sacs… yes we were blessed not with one, but 2 babies.


Our hearts were filled with joy and we started planning for our twins. In my heart I knew that I was going to have twin Princesses and so we named them, Julia and Juliana. After 13 weeks of carrying them in my tummy, we went in for another ultrasound appointment to check on how our little peanuts were growing only to be given a heart-breaking news that there was no heartbeat. We had lost our twins.

Months have passed and I was still struggling to accept the fact that I never met my little twin Princesses. Then we learned that I was pregnant again. I didn’t let my first miscarriage rub me of the joy of having another baby so we quickly got excited and started planning again for another little Princess, we named Julieanne.

After about 15 weeks, we heard another heart-breaking news that we lost the baby, again.

Dealing with 3 losses was really hard for me and for several years, I couldn’t talk about it openly. It wasn’t until the birth of our 2nd son in 2012 that my heart was finally healed.


I have finally accepted that my Princesses are too precious for this world. They are happily dancing in the clouds and living a magical life in heaven. I long for the day that we finally meet each other.

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